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What I love most about working with kids and teens  is seeing them light up by using these extraordinary, yet profound, simple life skills which are found in these coaching programs. Their confidence expands, their communication with teachers and peers becomes more effective, and they have this new found calmness as they navigate through life’s challenges such as; bullying, social media, world news, and fear around school shootings. I love providing them with a safe space to open up, and introducing them to practical tools and techniques that  help them to be more mindful, present, and able to deal with life, while also minimizing the fear of the future or regret of the past.

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Mindset Coaching

8 Wk - Set Intentions, Reprogram Your Belief System and Take Action

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Health & Wellness Intensive

4 Wk - Eating & Mindfulness Habits for Optimal Health, Energy, & Mood

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Health & Wellness Intensive + Roadmap

8 Wk - Health & Wellness Intensive + Habit Change and Roadmap

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