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14-Day Full Body Reboot

4 Wk - Detox and Cleanse Your Body & Supercharge Your Immune System

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Detox and Cleanse Your Body While Supercharging your Immune System

Classes Begin June 4th.

Achieve your happy weight while reclaiming your physical and mental well-being.

Kick start weight loss and tap into your body’s natural detoxification system in two weeks. You will be well on your path to understanding how food affects the way you feel, increasing your energy, and uncovering food intolerances so you can heal your gut.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Here is what to do next!

Check out what you will discover or experience in this program:


  • 5 simple steps to kickstart your healthiest life

  • Mapping out your ideal selection of foods for your health goals

  • Understanding how detoxing really works and why it is not just a passing trend

  • Lifestyle tweaks you can make for better health and a longer life

  • The full circuit: How to meal plan, shop, prep, cook and mindful eating.

  • Healthy, tasty and simple recipes to indulge in for your meals, snacks and shakes

  • BONUS: How to integrate superfood to achieve optimum health. Learn about superfoods as a powerful source of clean protein, vitamins, minerals,antioxidants, essential amino and fatty acids and other nutrients.

  • Discovering your unique food intolerances through the elimination phase

  • BONUS: How to integrate mindfulness, breathing exercises and journaling throughout and beyond this program.

  • Bonus: I have added a bonus Envisioning Workshop so I can help you take stock of where you have been, clarify where you want to go and envision the life of your dreams.

Get ready to …

  • Say yes to yourself and kickstart a new healthy version of yourself

  • Lose weight effortlessly

  • Think clearly, reduce stress and anxiety

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and continue to have energy throughout the day

  • Be clear on what foods, vitamins and supplements that you give your body energy, boost your brain and help regulate your hormones

  • Make healthy choices in food, exercise and self care rituals

  • Let those nagging health issues start to melt away every day as you continue on your health journey.

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