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There are the reasons why elite athletes, performing artists, healthcare workers, and business leaders are taking up the practice of mindfulness, and why it is being introduced into the world’s most successful industries, banks, hospitals, business schools – even the NBA and NFL.

The challenges we face at work, and in life, are unprecedented and multiplying. They include global unrest, economic hurdles; volatility in our external environments; tougher performance measurements; the demand for immediate, round-the-clock responsiveness; and the constant need to do more now with less. Nancy’s Corporate Wellness Programs are built specifically for corporate audiences. She has translated the principles of mindfulness, meditation, and nutrition to perfectly suit the busy life of a working professional. They are all based on data-backed techniques and proven stress reduction strategies. All practices are evidence-based and deeply rooted in neuroscience.

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Mindset Coaching

8 Wk - Set Intentions, Reprogram Your Belief System and Take Action

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Master Your Stress

6-Week Course: Find Your Calm Within

Senior Computer Class



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14-Day Full Body Reboot

4 Wk - Detox and Cleanse Your Body & Supercharge Your Immune System

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Health & Wellness Intensive

4 Wk - Eating & Mindfulness Habits for Optimal Health, Energy, & Mood

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Health & Wellness Intensive + Roadmap

8 Wk - Health & Wellness Intensive + Habit Change and Roadmap

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