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Health and Wellness Intensive + Roadmap

8 Wk - Health & Wellness Intensive + Habit Change and Roadmap

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Classes Begin June 4th. (Eight Week Program)

Effortlessly create your ideal health and wellness roadmap through nutrition, exercise and mindfulness

Work with an experienced and well trained health and life coach who will stretch you to discover how to increase your energy, effortlessly lose weight and reduce stress.

It’s okay to be overwhelmed. Here is what to do next.

Check out what you will discover in this program:


  • 5 simple steps to kickstart your health

  • How to easily and tastefully integrate nutritional foods into your life to optimize your health and an invitation to an optional 4-day energy experiment

  • Magic combination for health and energy: Dial in your unique combination of movement, food and sleep

  • Upgrading beliefs to create behavior change. Get more intune with your feelings and emotions that guide your everyday choices

  • Explore mindfulness, meditation, setting intentions and journaling

  • Mindset- how, when, where and why to eat. Learn how to honour hunger and fullness, linking pleasure with motivation. Experience guilt free sensual eating and learn how to create your unique naughty menu!

  • Become the leading authority on your health and body and while learning to gain confidence and intuition on what your body is needing and how to provide it.

  • Transform stress: What does it mean to be good at stress? Techniques for managing stress, calming your hormones and stepping into your personal power

  • BONUS: How to integrate superfood to achieve optimum health. Learn about superfoods as a powerful source of clean protein, vitamins, minerals,antioxidants, essential amino and fatty acids and other nutrients.

This is the right program for you if:

  • Saying yes to being coached is new to you and you prefer to start a program with a shorter commitment.

  • You know you are more likely to accomplish your goals when you have guidance and accountability and are looking for a more personal and caring approach from a kind and knowledgeable person.

  • You are ready to shed the weight without dieting, think clearly and integrate movement that meet you where you are at right now.

  • You are ready to improve your diet and lifestyle but are not sure where to being and how to achieve lasting results.

  • You singularly want to focus on a particular aspect of your health or life and want to get results quickly.

  • You have been recently diagnosed with a lifestyle illness and want to integrate specific health and mindfulness aspects into your daily routines.

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