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These coaching programs are designed for you to create a life you want. Whether it be, to find your purpose, improve your relationship with yourself and others, embrace stress and understand how to work with it, or to go after that dream that never happened… because you held yourselves back with all sorts of excuses and self judgment.


What I love about these programs is watching each client move from a state of unknown, self doubt, and confusion…. to creating their clear vision, finding their wisdom and power, and achieving several goals, while simultaneously building and implementing powerful tools and processes. It is amazing how much we can clear out of our way when we become mindful and intentional.

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Mindset Coaching

8 Wk - Set Intentions, Reprogram Your Belief System and Take Action

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Master Your Stress

6-Week Course: Find Your Calm Within

Senior Computer Class



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14-Day Full Body Reboot

4 Wk - Detox and Cleanse Your Body & Supercharge Your Immune System

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Health & Wellness Intensive

4 Wk - Eating & Mindfulness Habits for Optimal Health, Energy, & Mood

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Health & Wellness Intensive + Roadmap

8 Wk - Health & Wellness Intensive + Habit Change and Roadmap

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